Infant through Toddler

Toddler preparation and Toddler programme

Target : 14 months - 36 months

Class Schedule : 1 hour 15 minutes / session, 3 consecutive days / week Monthly Fee: HK $4,300

Class Schedule : 1 hour 45 minutes / session, 3 consecutive days / week Monthly Fee: HK $5,400

Language: English & Cantonese

“An important and visible factor at the age of one-and-a half years is strength in both hands and feet, and, in consequence, the child’s urge in doing anything is to use the maximum effort.”      

Education For a New World by Dr Maria Montessori 

We are pleased to invite parents and your little ones to visit our Centre before commencing the first session. We are going to give you a brief introduction of each area of your child’s classroom, the activities laid on the shelves followed by an explanation of the schedule of the day, such as, work period, purpose of snack time and purpose of circle time.

On your first visit, it enables your little one to meet his/her teachers and it helps soothing your child in a way of helping the child to feel secured, familiar feel comfortable when he comes in on his first session all by himself. 

Snack is included in this program. This activity provides an opportunity for the little ones to contribute in group activity, such as, table setting; it also provides opportunity for adults to enlarge the little ones’ vocabularies and to enrich their use of language by introducing names of foods provided. The whole procedure of snack preparation and table setting allow adults to model table manners. Children are capable to take care of themselves when guidance is given and they do very much enjoy doing everything for themselves. Therefore, children are encouraged to maintain good housekeeping by putting away their used dish, glass or utensils after appreciating their snack.

Circle Time is a way of building community and relationships among each other in the environment. Activities include movements, singing songs, story-telling and so forth; these activities encourage conversations and interactions between adults and children. In other word, it helps developing your little one’s ability in oral and listening skills.


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