Infant through Toddler


“We must support as much as possible the child’s desires for activity; not wait on him, but educate him to be independent” 

The Child In The Family by Dr Maria Montessori

Throughout our programs, your child will be able to gradually build up his self-esteem, to become a happy little person as a whole, who is happy, to be able to get along with his peers and adults with self- confident, peace and calmness, to be able to choose work and to make decision independently; to be able to take risk or to face failure with his positive emotion.

Bambino Montessori Home provides a suitable, well-prepared environment for your child; each classroom setting is in good order in which it provides your child a good sense of security. We as adults, teachers and parents cannot guarantee the quality of one’s selfhood could remain at a great standard for his entire life. However, we have ability and responsibilities to provide a well-prepared environment which enable the little ones to build up positive and fundamental concept; this enables the little ones to grow up with physical and mental wellbeing.


Three major elements of our infant and toddler rooms:

  1. Orderliness – It enables your child to choose activities on their own. Materials need to be returned to the same place after being used; they are laid out from left to right, simple to complex. Adults have to be mindful not to change the order without letting the children know in advance. 

  2. Simplicity – the environment is clutter free; things are kept simple provided with a clear and simple concept. 

  3. Aesthetics – Children enjoy seeing beautiful things; in circumstances, beauty caught children’s attention and interest. We decorate the environment with real plants and fresh flowers, this enables children to experience and to learn to appreciate the beauty of nature.

    In the infant and toddler environment, children are given a great level of freedom where they can move around freely, 
    they can choose their best interested activities and to practice as often as they wish; this is one of the mental processes. It is important for the children to practice on the particular materials and those materials  becoming their most interested activities, this process fulfills the children’s inner need followed by repetition of work cycle will be formed naturally.

  4. “Growth comes from the repetition of an exercise and not from the first apprehension of something new” 
    The Discovery of the Child by Dr Maria Montessori

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