Infant through Toddler

Main goal for your child

“Help me to do it myself”, 

by this, Dr Maria Montessori means, all children need an education for independence, and this must be guided from earliest infancy.


Nowadays, caregivers including grannies, parents and helpers intend to do everything for the child in a way to express their love and care. These adults become the major obstacles in the path of the child who is starting to develop; this is not only an act of servility towards the child, this is also dangerous that this tends to suffocate the child’s useful, spontaneous activities. Children with “servants” may decrease their independence and motivation. These children may end up becoming burdens to others because of their inabilities. In that way, lack of motivation may also end up causing children’s muscles becoming weak through inactivity and ultimately losing their capacity for work. If they only know how to verbally ask for what they need, their character will become weak and atrophied. 

Therefore, it is important to give limited assistance as shall make it possible for your child to achieve the satisfaction of his own individual aims and desires.


Discipline is another piece of art which is built from inside; it is part of the children’s development, their natural growth; it is not taught but it evolves through the order in the environment. Order leads to respect for others and the ability to wait patiently for another to finish his work. From this waiting, children learn to care and therefore are capable of inner discipline. 

It is therefore, discipline is meaningful for children to build up discipline throughout life; these little ones are going to master themselves and going to become the leaders of society. In this regards, we as adult, should assist them to live healthily and assist them to discover the interesting side of the world according to the needs of human behavioral tendencies.

Dr Maria Montessori

Dr Maria Montessori was born in Italy on 31 August 1870.She was the first lady who entered medical school. In 1895, she won competition for assistantship in hospital, it gave her clinical experience studied Pediatrics in Children’s hospital and worked as assistant doctor at the Women’s Hospital. At age 25, Dr Maria Montessori graduated from medical school as a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery. In 1897, she had opportunity in assisting mentally deficient children and people with nervous conditions; at the same time, she attended courses in pedagogy and real all major works on education.

In 1907, Dr Maria Montessori opened the first Casa dei Bambini in poor quarter of San Lorenzo tenements; school was purposefully set up to keep unsupervised preschooler fro, vandalizing the projects where they lived while their parents worked. Her 5th school in Rome was for middle class children.

In 1909, she set up the 1st training course for teachers in Italy; had her 1st discussion of Montessori’s work in publication appeared in a professional, educational journal, The Kindergarten Primary Magazine; she also opened a casa in Switzerland, the first outside Italy.

Dr Maria Montessori  passed away at age of 81 on May 6th, 1952.



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