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“A school , a place built for children, must have furniture and equipment and equipment scaled to the proper size and adapted to their physical strength, so that they can move
it with the same case with which we move the furniture in our homes” 

The Child In The Family by Dr Maria Montessori

Dr Maria Montessori considered and emphasized that environment is a primary element in her method. By this, she mean to say, a well-prepared environment has to be designed to meet the child’s needs in a positive sense, such as, for self-construction, to reveal his personality and growth pattern.

Bambino Montessori Home is a nourishing place not only for our children but this is also prepared for adults including parents and teachers.

The infant room and the toddler rooms are well-prepared, equipped with meaningful and challenging activities, furniture are made proportionate to the size of the young children that challenges the intellect of the little ones.

寶貝蒙特梭利之家敬佩瑪利亞. 蒙特梭利博士(Dr Maria Montessori) 終身以真誠的心、以謙虛的態度, 客觀地觀察及了解孩子們的發展及其個人獨有之奧秘。她把觀察到的記錄下來, 寫成書本, 讓成人們延續她那份重視孩子發展之心及態度, 尤其小朋友在0-3歲的階段, 他們是無意識(潛意識) 地像海綿般, 走到那裡, “吸” 到那裡, 看到什麼, 就”吸” 什麽。 瑪利亞. 蒙特梭利博士稱此特別的學習模式為[吸收性心智] 。
寶貝蒙特梭利之家的成立, 是盼望讓小朋友在豐富、愉快的環境裡成長, 讓小朋友體會到 〝我都做得到〞那份發自內心的喜悅。
事實上, 孩子誕生之時, 腦細胞的數目將接延一千億個 (Silvana Quattrocchi Montessori, 1995); 隨著孩子的成長和經驗的累積, 大腦神經元之間的網路漸漸複雜和密集; 而思考的模式及人格的價值觀也在這些神經元的發展過程中形成, 換言之, 這個階段的發展是極之須要以行動重視。

Dr Maria Montessori

Dr Maria Montessori was born in Italy on 31 August 1870.She was the first lady who entered medical school. In 1895, she won competition for assistantship in hospital, it gave her clinical experience studied Pediatrics in Children’s hospital and worked as assistant doctor at the Women’s Hospital. At age 25, Dr Maria Montessori graduated from medical school as a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery. In 1897, she had opportunity in assisting mentally deficient children and people with nervous conditions; at the same time, she attended courses in pedagogy and real all major works on education.

In 1907, Dr Maria Montessori opened the first Casa dei Bambini in poor quarter of San Lorenzo tenements; school was purposefully set up to keep unsupervised preschooler fro, vandalizing the projects where they lived while their parents worked. Her 5th school in Rome was for middle class children.

In 1909, she set up the 1st training course for teachers in Italy; had her 1st discussion of Montessori’s work in publication appeared in a professional, educational journal, The Kindergarten Primary Magazine; she also opened a casa in Switzerland, the first outside Italy.

Dr Maria Montessori  passed away at age of 81 on May 6th, 1952.



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