Infant through Toddler


Along the road to becoming an adult, we need to learn to be independent. We need to be able to express the need in a way that is clearly understood and to attempt to satisfy the desire through our own efforts. Dr Maria Montessori believed that, all children need an education for independence, and this be guided from earliest infancy.

The path for children to learn to be independent can be risky. Their ability can be limited by their inherent weakness at birth, or his status as a member of the society. It can be surrounded by all factors which might limit his ability. As children proceed along their way, they need to explore freely and reveal their true feeling to reveal their own proper nature. Children should be given opportunities to explore in their environment, such as, how to walk without assistance, to pick up objects without falling, to get dressed and undressed with limited assistance during early age, to wash themselves and to express their needs and so forth.

Everyone in our team is filled with faith and passion in guiding your child to enjoy every single moment in class, using each piece of materials purposefully. We trust your child will do what he needs to do neither which is under situations that could be harmful for one self nor for his peers. Our duty towards children is to help them, to make a conquest of such useful act as nature intended they should perform themselves. Satisfaction allows your child to move on further with new missions. In long run, the man who can perform all the actions necessary for his comfort and development in life conquers himself multiplies his abilities and perfects himself as an individual in future.

Dr Maria Montessori

Dr Maria Montessori was born in Italy on 31 August 1870.She was the first lady who entered medical school. In 1895, she won competition for assistantship in hospital, it gave her clinical experience studied Pediatrics in Children’s hospital and worked as assistant doctor at the Women’s Hospital. At age 25, Dr Maria Montessori graduated from medical school as a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery. In 1897, she had opportunity in assisting mentally deficient children and people with nervous conditions; at the same time, she attended courses in pedagogy and real all major works on education.

In 1907, Dr Maria Montessori opened the first Casa dei Bambini in poor quarter of San Lorenzo tenements; school was purposefully set up to keep unsupervised preschooler fro, vandalizing the projects where they lived while their parents worked. Her 5th school in Rome was for middle class children.

In 1909, she set up the 1st training course for teachers in Italy; had her 1st discussion of Montessori’s work in publication appeared in a professional, educational journal, The Kindergarten Primary Magazine; she also opened a casa in Switzerland, the first outside Italy.

Dr Maria Montessori  passed away at age of 81 on May 6th, 1952.



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