Infant through Toddler

Manipulative Activities

Children learn through muscular movements, which enable them to build up the concrete concept of what they have experienced by touching, manipulating with their tiny hands and to install those memory in their brain. The aim of the activities of each rooms helps developing eye-hand coordination, fine motor control, pincer grasp, helps building up concentration level.

Independent Living Activities

Independent living corner is the foundation area for children development as a whole. Activities enable children to gradually building up their concentration level, enable them, to become independent, to correlate their own physical desires to move, to exercise, and to refine the movement of their limbs, fine motor skills and strengthen their gross muscles. By experiencing the beauty of grace and courtesy, children learn to respect the environment, to respect others, to learn to look after themselves and to experience social grace.

Language Activities

Language is very important to human civilization. It enables us to communicate with each other by sharing our thoughts, feelings, ideas and it brings people together. Language is not an activity alone, it occurs everywhere, every moment in the environment. Adults in the environment treasure and grasp the opportunities to assist children throughout the development of total language by using concise wording, meaningful and beautiful language so that to assure the little ones are fully nourished throughout their language developmental timeline, the sensitive period of language development.


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